EASTWEST GREECE puts an end to the tedious and monotonous recycling bins! The uniquely elegant bins placed at sites indicated by each municipality constitute a European patent while their safe design prevents any theft of their content.

Special acknowledgements to the municipality of Kalamaria, which was the pioneer in implementing the clothing recycling program, as it was the first in Northern Greece to adopt the specific program, always aiming at the environmental upgrading of the city.

Ways of protecting
the environment

Benefits of reusing clothing:

Saves huge amounts of energy and natural resources used to make new garments as well as lowering the amount of dyes, heavy metals and chemicals that go into our ground waters

Reduces the huge bulk of waste resulting in landfills

Provides assistance to socially vulnerable groups as the best quality clothing is donated to them


Environmental Week of the Municipality of Kalamaria | World Environment Day of the Municipality of Lagads | Recycling Festival of the Municipality of Thessaloniki

Ecological consciousness

EASTWEST GREECE is committed to fostering ecological consciousness as well as environmental and recycling awareness. Of vital importance to the company is raising children awareness, which is after all the greatest investment for a future with less trash and a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable environment.

EASTWEST GREECE organizes information campaigns in schools and in cooperation with the municipalities, it participates in various environmental actions, in which through experiential workshops and interactive methods young and older people are involved in creating artistic works from re-used fabrics.

Give your old clothes a second life

WE offer you the special recycling bins placed in various sites of our city

YOU contribute to sensitizing our community in initiatives and actions relating to our responsibility for having a more quality life and a greener environment.